These are some of the people who are studying or teaching Yong Chun Bai He Chuen.
If you would like to write to any of them, the addresses are highlighted in red on the name cards. If you save the name cards to your desktop and print them out they will be larger so you can tape the address to any letter you have for them.

If you cannot speak chinese, please contact me Martin Watts and I will do all I can to answer your questions, or put you in contact with the right people.

China - Yong Chun
Pan Cheng Miouw
Yong Chun
Tel: (086) 595 23887146
Mob: 1385 0713550

Huang Tz Wen
Tel: (0755) 840 83385

China Yong Chun Nan An
Chen Zhao Yu
Tel: (086) 595 638 7696

Europe Spain
Martin Watts
Tel: (00 34 ) 971 510 046
Cr Can Barbut 2
07340 - Alaro