The following photos were taken August 2004. They are of the town and specifically of the Wu Shu Guan during the 50 year anniversary. Click on a photo to open a large picture.

This is the Young Chun Logo. It is a Yong which means eternal character with a white crane superimposed on top. The white crane is in the form of a chinese chararacter 'Wu'. The circle behind signifies the desire of the crane to fly around the world - i.e. to spread the art of Wing Chun Yong Chun Chuen.

Men making noodles on the way to the Wu Shu Guan


On the way to the Wu shu Guan

The main alter in the Wu Shu Guan. The two photos are of Pan Shiow De ( Pan Cheng Miouw's father ) and Pan Ze Hong ( Pan Cheng Miouw's uncle ).

The 7 man team who went to Malaysia and Singapore in 1929. From left to right top to bottom they are: Pan Shiow De, Pan Sr Ching, Pan Sr Huang, Lin Bau San, Wang jong Yin, Sung Zhon Da, Li Wan Yue.

In 1988 a restoration of the Wu Shu Guan was completed with the aid of Mr Yuan Bin Xin, a Yong Chun ex patriot who lives in Hong Kong.

This photo taken about 2000 shows all the main teachers and practitioners of the time in Yong Chun.
To learn more about this photo download this AVI file

The right hand pillar of the alter in the Wu Shu Guan.

Some of the weapons used in Bai He Chuan. Most of the weapons practiced in the system are large weapons. In addition they practice the Butterfly Knives, Tonfla and Tsai.

Left to right, Zo He Han , Pan Cheng Miouw and Zhang Hen Sang. They are all teachers and students of Pan Shiouw De. Pan Shiouw De gave his walking stick to the gentleman on the left.

The next 3 photos show the detail at the top of Pan Shiouw De's walking stick. This was given to Zo He Han ( see above ). This is a ceremonial fighting stick not a daily using stick.

Some of the people during the morning ceremony and who helped in the creation of this web site.

The view from the back balcony of the Wu Shu Guan.

A practice mat for groundwork.

Martin Watts honouring the ancestors.

The gentleman on the right is Yuan Gong Kan. At 88 he is the oldest current practitioner and teacher in Yong Chun. In Chuen Zo there is also an 88 year old practitioner called Lin Tien Luei who was also a student of Pan Xioe De. The young man second from left at the back is Yuan Ze Ying. He is Yuan Gong Kan's grandson. You can see him in the video section. The gentleman on the left is Juan Suen Zhuang is a student of Hung Shr Fu ( deceased ).

These next 2 photos show the Wu Shu Guan from the outside.

Working with Pan Cheng Miouw to make this web site.

Yong Chun Bai He Chen original system books.

Pan Cheng Miouw is currently in the process of transcribing the old books into a new copy.