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Pan Cheng Miao the current head of the system performs San Jan.
A short interview with Zhung Hen Sang, one of the oldest Bai He Chuen practitioners and teachers. Talking about positioning , Tan Tien and Karate. Pan Cheng Miouw is translating for me from Mandarin chinese to Hokkien the local dialect ( 6 Meg ).
Pan Xiong Chi performs Shr San Tai Bau ( 13 treasures ). Xiong Chi is the son of Pan Cheng Miao. ( 25 Meg ).
Yuan Ze Ming ( the grandson of Yuan zen Jue ) performs Ba Fen. ( 6 Meg ).
Yen Ze Ming performs Ba Fen. ( 6 Meg ).
Yuan Gong Kan Shr Fu( 88 and still teaching ). ( 6 Meg ).
Gu Lian Jing preforms San Jan. ( 2 Meg ).
Teaching children in Nan An Square in the morning. ( 13 Meg ).
San Jan by Chen Zau Lu. ( 5 Meg ).
San Jan by Yuan Ze Ming. ( 2.5 Meg ).
Tang Lang Jiouw Rz by Pan Wei Ztong. ( 7.5 Meg ). Wei Tzong is Pan Cheng Miouws brother's grandson.
Zhang Tsan Hang is 84 years old. The short interview at the top is worth seeing even if you don't speak a word of chinese. ( 1.24 Meg ).
Zou He Han ( age unknown ) is one of the Kung Fu elders here. He has suffered a stroke so cannot move so precisely but was enthusiastic about taking part in this project. ( 3.4 Meg ).